Lion Power Services IT Remote Support

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If you have been directed to this page by a member of the IT department, please use the links below to allow your IT person to access your computer. Download the file, run it, and provide your IT person with the 9-digit code that you receive.

Follow The Steps Below

These steps are for a Windows or Mac computer only and will not work on a mobile phone or tablet.

1. Download and Open the File

Use the links above to download the appropriate file. When it finishes downloading, open the file.

2. Allow Splashtop SOS to Run

Click Yes when prompted to allow this file to make changes to your computer. This is safe if it directed by a member of your IT team.

After the On-Demand Support window opens, allow a moment for the 9-digit code to appear.

3. Provide the 9-Digit Code

As directed by your IT person, read or email the 9-digit code to them.