PRESS RELEASE: September 17, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2020

Lion Power Services working to restore power in Louisiana

Crews are in the Lake Charles area aiding Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative

OKLAHOMA CITY – Lion Power Services, in an effort to aid the citizens of south Louisiana affected by Hurricane Laura, dispatched a significant workforce and required equipment to the Lake Charles area. Crews from our subsidiaries Higher Power
Electrical and 5-Star Electric are working with Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative (JDEC) to repair the electrical grid damaged by Hurricane Laura and to restore power to the area as quickly as possible.

“Our highly trained and dedicated professionals are now on site and beginning to work towards restoring power as quickly as possible,” said Lion Power Services President, Ed Will. “JDEC covers five parishes in southern Louisiana and we are looking at a complete restoration of the electrical grid in some areas. Crew members from Higher Power and 5-Star have been in South Louisiana since shortly before Hurricane Laura’s landfall on August 27, 2020 and intend to work until every customer has power restored.” 

Will added, “Given the current state of the electrical grid, we currently expect our crews to be in the area for several months. The restoration of the electrical grid is expected to be a monumental effort with significant logistical challenges including the removal of storm debris, but our crews are up to the task. We are making sure our professionals have the right tools and resources to work efficiently and safely. I’m really proud of the work they are doing right now in such challenging conditions.”

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About Lion Power Services, LLC.

Lion Power Services, LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. Lion Power Services’ electrical infrastructure division offers a full range of infrastructure construction services focused on the construction and maintenance of transmission and distribution (T&D) networks and substations. The division is vertically integrated through the ownership of helicopters. Lion Power
Services leads electrical operations located across the southwest, mid-west and northeast portions of the United States for multiple investor owned utilities (IOUs), private utilities and cooperative utilities.

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